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Name: Cotton Paperless Art™ Publishing Engine

Platform: iOS 5.1 on iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S)

Supported Formats: Adobe PDF password protected, Zip archives password protected containing pages in .PNG or .JPEG with an .XML index.

Licencing: emanuele.sabetta@ipaziasoftware.com
Publishing Platform for Apple iPhone™ and iPad™
Copyright © 2011 Emanuele Sabetta. All rights reserved.
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Cotton Paperless Art™ is an easy and powerful editorial platform developed to any author that needs to publish is own book, comic or magazine in a digital version on any Apple iOS device.

This platform offers an high quality visualization both in single and double page, supporting both normal and Retina Diplays. Featuring a fast and fluid navigation system (touch and slide), and a realistic virtual paging mode (3d page curl), it allows the familiar Apple style pinch, zoom and panning operations on any page.

An overlay interface can appear with a thumbnails strip navigator designed to quickly scroll between the pages thumbnails.

If licensed Ipazia Software will provide all the technical procedures needed to adapt and publish your eBook on the App Store with our engine. You will be able to use a private personal Apple developer account to monitor sales and receive payments directly from Apple.
“ViewPoint ArtBook”, by italian artist Lorenzo Ceccotti, is an example of ArtBook published on the AppStore using the Cotton Paperless Art engine.
Editorial Products using the Cotton Paperless Engine: